#48HrTreadmillChallenge – DONE!

Thank you to all of my amazing friends, as well as the incredible staff of Planet Fitness for all you did to help make this run a success. Most of all, thank you to Heather for being the greatest crew I could ever ask for ♥️ Final Total: 155.01 Miles

One Thirty AM

I can’t tell you how hard this day has been. But I am blessed to have some incredible people in my life who’ve helped get me through it ♥️ I’ve now run over 100 miles, and there’s less than 17 hours yet to go….. #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas

Stay Thirsty My Friends

It’s possible I’m wrong, but I have a fairly strong suspicion that I may be the only one here who stocked their locker(s) with groceries….. 😁 #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas

Here we go…..

After running a little behind this afternoon, I managed to get going right on time (and then promptly knocked off the emergency stop key 6 minutes later 🤣) #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas


Sometimes these #SupidIdeas take me on long journeys. Sometimes they don’t. Are you a Planet Fitness member in the Midland area? Feel free to stop by and run or walk a few miles! The fun begins at 6pm tomorrow, December 13th!This is the Dreadmill 48 Hour Endurance Challenge 🙂 p.s. The #48hrDreadmillChallenge is a zero […]