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2022 Marji Gesick 100 Mile – DNF

This race is hard. It’s designed to be. Over the history of the event there is an overall DNF (Did Not Finish) rate of 85%. Those who do make it to the finish line must do so in less than 28 hours in order to receive a Finisher’s Buckle. Last year there were two awarded.…
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2022 North Country 50 Mile Trail Run

Saturday morning, I ran the North Country 50 Mile Trail Run. Throughout the event I felt like I was moving well. I ran up hills I have walked up in years past. In fact, I ran nearly the entire time. Looking over the data from my watch only confirmed how I felt; I ran (vs…
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2022 #TridgeToBridge240 – Finished!!

4d 4h 36m 07s2nd Place Overall😊

2022 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day 2/3

Up two hours before the sun, I checked my phone only to find that the forecast had changed….. and not in my favor. I was on the road by 5:30am, and roughly 90 minutes later the precipitation began. For the remainder of the morning I made my way up the road, cold and soaked by…
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2022 Bayshore Marathon

At 4:30am my alarm signaled the beginning of the final day of this adventure. After gathering my things I ran the remaining three miles from the state park to Traverse City Central High School for packet pick-up. Even though I’ve done this before, it’s a pretty special moment for me – after everything it’s taken…
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10th Annual Groundhog Marathon

Since 2013, during the first week of February I’ve had the privilege of being part of the Groundhog Marathon. Each year, Don, TJ, and the rest of the crew put on an amazing event, and I’m honored to be one of a very small group able to claim perfect attendance at all 10 of them.…
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#48HrTreadmillChallenge – DONE!

Thank you to all of my amazing friends, as well as the incredible staff of Planet Fitness for all you did to help make this run a success. Most of all, thank you to Heather for being the greatest crew I could ever ask for ♥️ Final Total: 155.01 Miles

One Thirty AM

I can’t tell you how hard this day has been. But I am blessed to have some incredible people in my life who’ve helped get me through it ♥️ I’ve now run over 100 miles, and there’s less than 17 hours yet to go….. #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas

Stay Thirsty My Friends

It’s possible I’m wrong, but I have a fairly strong suspicion that I may be the only one here who stocked their locker(s) with groceries….. 😁 #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas

Here we go…..

After running a little behind this afternoon, I managed to get going right on time (and then promptly knocked off the emergency stop key 6 minutes later 🤣) #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas