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Here we go…..

After running a little behind this afternoon, I managed to get going right on time (and then promptly knocked off the emergency stop key 6 minutes later 🤣) #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas


Sometimes these #SupidIdeas take me on long journeys. Sometimes they don’t. Are you a Planet Fitness member in the Midland area? Feel free to stop by and run or walk a few miles! The fun begins at 6pm tomorrow, December 13th!This is the Dreadmill 48 Hour Endurance Challenge 🙂 p.s. The #48hrDreadmillChallenge is a zero…
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Seven Zero Three

Many years ago now, when I first started running, I was very excited to be able to put that first “5K” oval sticker on my bumper. A lot of work went into earning that little piece of vinyl. I decided then that I would only have one of these stickers on my vehicle at a…
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The Virginia Quintuple Anvil

Back in May I sent these papers off in the mail to Virginia. This morning, almost five months later, it’s time for me to head there as well. Beginning at 7am Monday morning, I’ll be competing in the Virginia Quintuple Anvil Triathlon. 5x the distance of an Ironman, I should (hopefully) finish some time on…
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An Early End

For several reasons, my run has finished here tonight. I was moving well, but slowing down, and unfortunately I need to set a limit on what I do this weekend. There’s an even bigger goal on the horizon….. 2021 Marji Gesick53.6 Miles (DNF)😊

2021 Marji Gesick

Two years ago I attempted this race. Over 100 miles of rugged trails in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula….. and I failed to complete it. I’m not as prepared or ready as I’d hoped to be, but this weekend I’ll try again. There’s a 28 hour cutoff to receive a finisher’s buckle this year, and a pretty…
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100% of Midland!

About three years ago I started on a project. A goal to run every single street in the city where I live. Using a website called Citystrides I’ve been systematically working towards covering every street in town….. all 879 of them. Main roads, subdivisions, down and back every cul-de-sac, it turned out to be quite…
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Pictures from the #RideSouth

During my #RideSouth (as you know) I posted daily updates to this site as well as my Matt’s Stupid Ideas page. These updates included stories from the road and a single image taken during that day’s travels. I saw all sorts of things as I pedaled, but the pictures I posted were mostly of simple,…
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Back Home Again

After many days, and many hundreds of miles, another adventure has come to an end. Last night I drove with my family the same route back into town that I had taken out on my bicycle just over two weeks ago. It’s good to be home. This was a journey that I will not soon…
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#RideSouth – Finished!!

Complete with a police escort, I made it to Grandma’s house. The #RideSouth is finished. Special thanks to Sgt. Campbell of the Haywood County Sheriff’s Department as well as all of you for your comments, messages, and support over the last week. I am truly without words. Total Distance: 812.5 miles#MattsStupidIdeas