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10th Annual Groundhog Marathon

Since 2013, during the first week of February I’ve had the privilege of being part of the Groundhog Marathon. Each year, Don, TJ, and the rest of the crew put on an amazing event, and I’m honored to be one of a very small group able to claim perfect attendance at all 10 of them.…
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Seven Zero Three

Many years ago now, when I first started running, I was very excited to be able to put that first “5K” oval sticker on my bumper. A lot of work went into earning that little piece of vinyl. I decided then that I would only have one of these stickers on my vehicle at a…
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The Virginia Quintuple Anvil

Back in May I sent these papers off in the mail to Virginia. This morning, almost five months later, it’s time for me to head there as well. Beginning at 7am Monday morning, I’ll be competing in the Virginia Quintuple Anvil Triathlon. 5x the distance of an Ironman, I should (hopefully) finish some time on…
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An Early End

For several reasons, my run has finished here tonight. I was moving well, but slowing down, and unfortunately I need to set a limit on what I do this weekend. There’s an even bigger goal on the horizon….. 2021 Marji Gesick53.6 Miles (DNF)😊

2021 Marji Gesick

Two years ago I attempted this race. Over 100 miles of rugged trails in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula….. and I failed to complete it. I’m not as prepared or ready as I’d hoped to be, but this weekend I’ll try again. There’s a 28 hour cutoff to receive a finisher’s buckle this year, and a pretty…
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A Perfect Streak

As of 3:21am on Sunday morning, I now have the unique honor of being the only person to have finished the Lighthouse 100 Mile Run every single year. Each one of these buckles have countless stories behind them. Some of them fun, lighthearted memories, others tales of dark struggles in the late overnight hours. Miles…
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The Lighthouse 100 Mile

Five years ago I heard about a brand new race called the Lighthouse 100 Mile Run. With a point-to-point course covering 100 miles of northern Michigan roads between Mission Point and Petoskey, it promised to be one of the most beautiful road ultras in the country. I was lucky enough to not only be able…
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#TridgeToBridge240 – Finished!!!

4d 11h 20m 51s 😊2021 #TridgeToBridge240 – Finished!! Thank you all so much for all the love and support on my #StupidIdeas page these last few days. It’s time now for a little family time up north, but I promise when I get home to try and answer each and every one. Thank you!!! ♥️…
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#TridgeToBridge240 – Day Four

Today started much like yesterday; temperatures in the upper 30’s, but with overcast skies and a steady 15-20 mph headwind from the north. Like so many things in life that are out of our control, if we stay positive and keep moving forward, eventually the situation will improve. And by late morning the sun had…
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#TridgeToBridge240 – Day Three

Today was hard. I ran longer and farther than either of the first two days. The temperature dropped to 39F overnight, then struggled to reach 50F this afternoon. The unsupported nature of this event means that the only clothes I have are the ones I started with. I planned for the change in weather, but…
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