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2022 Bayshore Marathon

At 4:30am my alarm signaled the beginning of the final day of this adventure. After gathering my things I ran the remaining three miles from the state park to Traverse City Central High School for packet pick-up. Even though I’ve done this before, it’s a pretty special moment for me – after everything it’s taken…
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2022 #RunToBayshore – Day 3

I made it to Traverse City!!I would like to say an enormous thank you to these two amazing people, Brandon & Sarah Kern, for feeding me, sharing their campfire, and providing a place for me to sleep tonight. Now it’s time to rest up for the morning, only 26.2 miles of this adventure remain….. 😊…
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Welcome to Cadillac!

Hello from Cadillac! A place where (currently)….. IT’S NOT RAINING!!! Unfortunately, it was well after noon today before the rain actually stopped and things dried up. Running wet for 36 hours has taken its toll on me; I’ve multiple places on my feet where the skin has peeled off. Some creative taping got me back…
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Field #3

As I stepped out of the Timeout Tavern in Clare, it began to rain again. During the time I spent inside enjoying a Coke and an order of Baked Macaroni & Cheese I had almost completely dried out from the miles before dinner. A quick check of the radar showed much more rain had arrived.…
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2022 #RunToBayshore

It’s about 1pm and the rain is just beginning. So am I. I’ll see you in Traverse City.🙂 Tracking.MattsStupidIdeas.com#RunToBayshore

The Profile Picture

Five years ago when I created the Facebook Page, I made this my profile picture. It was taken by Bernie Eng during my very first Stupid Idea – the #RunToBayshore in 2016. Since that time I’ve set out on many more adventures, and posted all sorts of pictures, but through it all I’ve kept this…
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10th Annual Groundhog Marathon

Since 2013, during the first week of February I’ve had the privilege of being part of the Groundhog Marathon. Each year, Don, TJ, and the rest of the crew put on an amazing event, and I’m honored to be one of a very small group able to claim perfect attendance at all 10 of them.…
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#48HrTreadmillChallenge – DONE!

Thank you to all of my amazing friends, as well as the incredible staff of Planet Fitness for all you did to help make this run a success. Most of all, thank you to Heather for being the greatest crew I could ever ask for ♥️ Final Total: 155.01 Miles

One Thirty AM

I can’t tell you how hard this day has been. But I am blessed to have some incredible people in my life who’ve helped get me through it ♥️ I’ve now run over 100 miles, and there’s less than 17 hours yet to go….. #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas

Stay Thirsty My Friends

It’s possible I’m wrong, but I have a fairly strong suspicion that I may be the only one here who stocked their locker(s) with groceries….. 😁 #48HrTreadmillChallenge#MattsStupidIdeas