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2022 Marji Gesick 100 Mile – DNF

This race is hard. It’s designed to be. Over the history of the event there is an overall DNF (Did Not Finish) rate of 85%. Those who do make it to the finish line must do so in less than 28 hours in order to receive a Finisher’s Buckle. Last year there were two awarded.…
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2022 North Country 50 Mile Trail Run

Saturday morning, I ran the North Country 50 Mile Trail Run. Throughout the event I felt like I was moving well. I ran up hills I have walked up in years past. In fact, I ran nearly the entire time. Looking over the data from my watch only confirmed how I felt; I ran (vs…
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The Snow Moon Trail Run….. 50K

When one of your favorite event management companies puts on a loop course trail race in your own backyard, there’s really only one thing you can do….. grab a burrito or two and run a few extra laps! While I was technically competing in the 25K event (5k, 10K, and 25K are offered), Saturday’s beautiful…
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