2022 Marji Gesick 100 Mile – DNF

This race is hard. It’s designed to be. Over the history of the event there is an overall DNF (Did Not Finish) rate of 85%. Those who do make it to the finish line must do so in less than 28 hours in order to receive a Finisher’s Buckle. Last year there were two awarded.

The conditions this year would only complicate things further. Warm humid air that kept you soaking wet from the first 5 minutes on. Off and on rain showers throughout the night. Fog so thick you couldn’t see 5 feet in front of you. Extremely technical trails over steep ground covered in slippery, wet, moss covered slate and mud.

But I came here with the goal of giving it everything I had. From the start I pushed for the fastest pace I thought I could hold, and kept my breaks to less than 3 mins every 5-7 miles. By about 30 miles in I had taken over second place in the race, and would hold onto it for the next 15 miles. Unfortunately, in the end, it just wasn’t sustainable for me.

At 4:30am I made the decision to stop and rest in a desperate attempt to try and get things back on track. My stomach was just not able to handle the amount of fluids I needed to take in, while still running like I was. I wasn’t eating. My plan was to sit for an hour if I needed, whatever it took to get some food in my system and regain control of the spiraling situation. Two and a half hours later I had managed to eat just 3 Pringles, and wasn’t confident they were going to stay down. For the third consecutive time, I had to drop out of the Marji Gesick.

Could I have done things differently? Absolutely. Am I disappointed? Sure. But like I said, I came here to find my limits. And on that front this run was a resounding success.

2022 Marji Gesick 100 Mile RUN – #DNF
68.61 Miles


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