2023 Marji Gesick 100

107 miles of sand, roots, and rocks. Over 26,000 feet of total elevation change. After four years of trying, and just under 36 hours of running….. I finally finished the Marji Gesick 100. 35:59:18#FINISHER❤️ p.s. I would be remiss not to mention Mr. Brandon Kern and all he did to help make this moment possible. […]


I originally posted this video after I failed to finish the Marji Gesick 100 Mile Run the first time. There’s been two more failed attempts since then. There won’t be a fourth. We’re loaded up and heading north. I’ve trained hard; I’m ready. Brandon’s ready to do everything he can to help get me there. […]

2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – 3am

It’s currently 3am and I’m struggling. I’m writing this while lying on a picnic table at one of those MDOT roadside parks. Looking up through the trees, it’s incredible how many stars there are. Out here, miles from anything significant, the sky is filled. Things started off really well tonight. I was making good progress. […]

2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – The Lighthouse Restaurant

It’s been an absolutely beautiful day on the #TridgeToBridge240 course. The weatherman had been predicting spotty thunderstorms for the afternoon, and while the sky turned overcast for a bit, a light sprinkle was all that materialized. Eventually the clouds broke again, although the break from the hot July sun had been nice. I’m now in […]

2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – Sunrise on Day 4

I got a head start of several hours on it, but eventually the sun has come up to meet me. I’m back on the road, and moving forward again. Tracking.MattsStupidIdeas.comTridgeToBridge240.com#TridgeToBridge240

2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day2B/3

Laying in a hotel room this afternoon, I’m struggling to put meaningful words together. I love to share these stories from the road with you all, but tonight I’m exhausted. Running all through the night, much of it in the rain, I met my goal of making Alpena by noon. I’ve covered 105.3 miles in […]

2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day 2

I was far from ready when my alarm went off at 3am this morning. Just a couple more hours sounded so much better, but I had a goal of being on the road again by 4. I quickly went through the morning routines, gathered my belongings, and set off once again. A little slower than […]

2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day 1

The sun is setting on Day 1, and I once again find myself at the Standish Motel. It’s a modest place on the north side of town, owned and operated by a very nice East Indian family. Each time I’ve been here, the small office has been filled with the smell of strong exotic spices. […]