2024 #RunToBayshore – Day 2

Not long after sunrise, through a small break in the trees this scene caught my eye. Believe me when I say that the camera fails to even do it justice. The display was worth every extra moment I remained there taking it in. It also struck me that, during the time I stood on the […]

2024 #RunToBayshore – Day 1

As I was enjoying my wet burrito at the TimeOut Tavern, I knew it was time to finally make a decision I’d been putting off all week. Last year the choice was easy; temperatures in the upper 30’s make sleeping outside impossible without carrying a lot more gear, and a much larger pack. I rented […]

2024 #RunToBayshore

It’s the Wednesday before Memorial Weekend, and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing. I’ll see you in Traverse City…..❤️ #RunToBayshoreTracking.MattsStupidIdeas.com

2024 Groundhog Marathon

2024 Groundhog Marathon

12 years ago I sat with my friends after a group run and came up with the perfect pacing plan. I knew exactly how fast I was going to start, when I would have nutrition, and a solid goal of when I would finish. Only a few days later, we made our way to Grand […]

Twenty Twenty Four

Each night, after the evening news, they run a short series of cycling slides showing the names and ages of local people who have passed away over the last several days. It makes me smile whenever I see someone who made it to the century mark, and equally sad to see some of the numbers […]

24Hr Halloween #BlockParty – The Finish

What on earth would make a person want to run around the same small neighborhood block for twenty four consecutive hours?!? It’s Heather tending the campfire while taking orders for Hot Dogs, Quesadillas, Grilled Cheese and more until 1am, then being back out there at 5:30am to start breakfast. It’s a neighborhood where, at some […]

Midnight @ the #BlockParty

It’s Midnight which means….. we’re halfway done!! We’ve had no shortage of people stopping by to cheer us on or even share a few laps, and Heather‘s been busy on the Blackstone keeping us well fueled!! There’s some big numbers on the board already….. #BlockParty

2023 24Hr Halloween #BlockParty

It’s that time of year again!!! Heather and I are excited to welcome back our veteran runners as well as a few new faces to the garage!! Things got underway just about 40 minutes ago, and there’s some pretty big goals set for the weekend!! 24 Hours, A Loop Less Than A Mile, & A […]

2023 Marji Gesick 100

107 miles of sand, roots, and rocks. Over 26,000 feet of total elevation change. After four years of trying, and just under 36 hours of running….. I finally finished the Marji Gesick 100. 35:59:18#FINISHER❤️ p.s. I would be remiss not to mention Mr. Brandon Kern and all he did to help make this moment possible. […]