Though it was still fairly early in the afternoon, the sun was already much warmer than it had been the first two days of this year’s #RunToBayshore. Sitting sideways on a folding chair I found in front of the Sunoco station kept me mostly within the thin shadow cast by the building. As I drank my Dr Pepper, I watched an older man searching the ditch line near the intersection about 50 yards from where I sat. I recognized the purple hot rod he drove as having passed me earlier, northbound on M37. Eventually he ended his search and headed towards the entrance of the store.

As he approached, we exchanged greetings and I asked if he had lost something during his travels. He replied no, that sadly his cousin had been killed there just the day before. I looked back at the intersection again, this time noticing little details I had missed before; the freshly torn sod, the tire tracks, spray painted markings on the pavement.

We talked a little while longer and I expressed to him my condolences for his family. I came away from our conversation reminded once again of the fragility of life, and the incredible uncertainty of the future. We will all run out of time someday, some much sooner than others. Our gift is getting to choose how we spend the time we have.

If you followed my #RideSouth a few years ago, you may remember I wore a cycling jersey given to me by my younger sister Sarah before she passed. Her time here was also unexpectedly short. I’ve never seen that big arch they have down in Missouri, and I think it’s about time I pulled that shirt out of its drawer again.

I love you very much Heather. I’ll see you there….. ❤️


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