2024 #RunToBayshore – Day 1

As I was enjoying my wet burrito at the TimeOut Tavern, I knew it was time to finally make a decision I’d been putting off all week. Last year the choice was easy; temperatures in the upper 30’s make sleeping outside impossible without carrying a lot more gear, and a much larger pack. I rented a hotel room in Clare. With a forecast low of only 50°F this year, sleeping outside is much more a possibility….. albeit a chilly one in this wind.
Just over a mile to the north I could shower, wash my clothes, and sleep in a warm bed. I know it may sound crazy, but in the end I realized that wasn’t what I wanted. These journeys are a reset for me; a chance to grow. And having to be uncomfortable sometimes is a big part of that growth.
So tonight I am thankful for this shed I found for sale just a few miles outside of town. While I can’t attest to its ability to store a lawn mower, I can say it’s a good place to sleep….. for a few hours at least.

#RunToBayshore – Day 1
34.2 Miles

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