2024 #RunToBayshore – Day 2

Not long after sunrise, through a small break in the trees this scene caught my eye. Believe me when I say that the camera fails to even do it justice. The display was worth every extra moment I remained there taking it in.

It also struck me that, during the time I stood on the side of the road, no fewer than 20 cars and trucks zipped by on their way to work, the lake, or wherever they were in such a hurry to get to. And not a one of them could possibly have seen the beauty that they sped right by. Traveling at 4 mph allows you to see the world differently. You have time to notice things; you’re out there IN the world, not just passing through it.

There are so many things competing to fill every second of our lives with nonstop, endless consumption. Today was a beautiful reminder of why I choose to fill some of mine moving a little more slowly.


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