#MeetMeInStLouis – Day 3

Heading south out of Michigan City, it didn’t take long at all before I was in another world completely. The never ending line of passing traffic had become a single car, or often farm implement, only every mile or so. The constant drone of tires on the pavement replaced by a symphony of cicadas. In fact, they were so loud at times they drowned out the sound of my own two wheels rolling down the road.

I also noticed that the constant honking horns had been replaced by a wave from most of the drivers, whether or not I initiated the action. Life moves at a slower pace here, and people are a little more willing to let others do the same.

Today was another day where the wind was an issue. Ten times worse than yesterday. Regardless, I loved every bit of it. Rolling hills with small wetlands hidden in the valleys. Huge open fields of corn and beans. Listening to an old man tell me of the time he once paddled the Kankakee River in a kayak all the way to Peru, IL while we sat on a rickety picnic table beside the bait shop/U-Haul rental/party store. Out here there is nothing, and yet there’s everything. 

Day 3 – 93.6 Miles

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