New Year….. New Website!

2020 certainly was quite a year. While I’m sad that so many of our events had to be canceled or postponed, it allowed me the opportunity to take on some challenges of a different sort. I’ve always loved technology, and all this extra time indoors has given me a chance to try and learn some new things. This website is one of them!

Now I certainly don’t claim to be an IT Specialist (and let’s be honest, now that it’s live this site will probably crash by the end of the day!), but with any luck you’ll have a chance to check it out before that happens. I still plan to use Facebook as my main avenue for sharing adventures, but this site will provide another place to post my ramblings from time to time. Also, for those of you who are interested in following those adventures, make sure and check out the tracking section! I’ve placed a couple of links on that page that will hopefully be easier to follow than what I’ve had in the past.

And don’t worry, while I’ve spent quite a few hours at the desk trying to learn how all of this works, I’ve spent a few hours on the treadmill as well. Here’s hoping this next year will allow us to begin getting back to the things we love. I’ve got a little vacation saved up now, and a lot of #StupidIdeas…..



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  1. Love the new page ! I must say I’m glad your not an IT guy! Can’t wait to see and hear about more of your stupid ideas my friend.

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