Back Home Again

After many days, and many hundreds of miles, another adventure has come to an end. Last night I drove with my family the same route back into town that I had taken out on my bicycle just over two weeks ago. It’s good to be home. This was a journey that I will not soon […]

#RideSouth – Finished!!

Complete with a police escort, I made it to Grandma’s house. The #RideSouth is finished. Special thanks to Sgt. Campbell of the Haywood County Sheriff’s Department as well as all of you for your comments, messages, and support over the last week. I am truly without words. Total Distance: 812.5 miles#MattsStupidIdeas

#RideSouth – Day 7

I went to bed last night filled with worry about today. The weather forecast called for heavy rains and thunderstorms all morning for every area from Caryville to Knoxville. My body and my bike are both showing the damage and wear all these miles have done. I’m concerned about the failure of both. I left […]

#RideSouth – Day 6

I hit the road before sunrise this morning knowing that a good section of US Route 25 I’d be on had little or no shoulder. I was hoping to trade the insecurity of thick fog and darkness for the possibility of less traffic. My plan worked out well, and I was able to cover nearly […]

#RideSouth – Day 5

As I rode south on Route 11 I came across a cow that seemed out of place. I stopped on the side of the road to take a closer look, and sure enough he was on the wrong side of the fence. I took a gamble that its owner lived at the top a steep […]

#RideSouth – Day 4

I’m finally out of Ohio!! It took me three days, but I can now say that I have cycled completely across the state of Ohio from north to south. This morning’s ride opened with around 30 miles of the Little Miami Scenic Trail; the gradual slopes of the converted rail line smoothing out the steep […]

#RideSouth – Day 3

Today was the first hard day. Despite nearly a full 8 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling tired. My legs (and backside) are feeling all those miles in the saddle. But I’m still moving forward. My ride began this morning with some of the most beautiful farmland I’ve ever seen. Fields as far as […]

#RideSouth – Day 2

Happy Independence Day from Flag City USA!! John B. Cooke, a resident of Findlay and member of the Sons of the American Revolution, saw a great importance in flying the American flag. He believed that every house in Findlay should fly the flag on Flag Day, and spearheaded a campaign (with help from the SAR, […]

Welcome to Ohio!

Good Morning from Ohio!! It’s been an interesting day already. I was very nearly shot by an old man in his 80’s trying pick off a squirrel from his bird feeder in the front yard with a pellet gun. Judging by the noise from the shrubbery to my left, he missed me by less then […]