#RideSouth – Day 2

Happy Independence Day from Flag City USA!!

John B. Cooke, a resident of Findlay and member of the Sons of the American Revolution, saw a great importance in flying the American flag. He believed that every house in Findlay should fly the flag on Flag Day, and spearheaded a campaign (with help from the SAR, as well as the Boy & Girl Scouts) to make sure each home had one to fly on June 14, 1968. This community patriotism was eventually recognized by Congress when it officially declared Findlay, OH as Flag City USA in 1974.

Today’s ride was intentionally shorter than yesterday. It gave my legs a chance to recover a bit, and Findlay works well logistically going forward. Given the shorter distance, I was surprised at how long I was on the road. I realized as I was riding, that every time I went through one of these rural Ohio farm towns I would stop. I didn’t necessarily need anything, or even get off my bike. I just wanted to take a few moments to look around at the old buildings, the festival banners, the things that make each place special. Even the wide open fields of corn and soybeans looked different today.

And that’s why I love these journeys.

Day 2: 79.0 miles


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