#RideSouth – Day 3

Today was the first hard day. Despite nearly a full 8 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling tired. My legs (and backside) are feeling all those miles in the saddle. But I’m still moving forward.

My ride began this morning with some of the most beautiful farmland I’ve ever seen. Fields as far as I could see in any direction, riding roads cut almost directly through the crops. The warm humid air above the corn creating a haze lit by the early morning sun. Unfortunately, as the sun rose higher the wind picked up, and I was forced to battle it most of the day. The push it gave me yesterday was replaced by an invisible force pushing back against every stroke of the pedals.

But turning those pedals has done far more than increase the numbers on the little computer mounted to the handlebars. This morning, it brought me here – to the Midway Diner, where I enjoyed a homemade omelet while the farmer at the next table bragged to the others about a new chicken in his coup. And now tonight, it’s brought me far enough that those endless flat fields are behind me. The ground is no longer flat, and only promises to continue that change.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Day 3: 110.3 miles


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