#MeetMeInStLouis – Day 5

Today was a day filled with incredible contrasts and variety. What started as an almost chilly, overcast morning, gradually became a light rain before the clouds cleared almost completely for the afternoon. Though it was close for a bit, I managed once again to keep my raincoat in my pack.

The land I made my way over today was full of even more surprises. All day long, I would somehow find myself on roads cut through thick forests covering uneven ground, only to see them transition to pancake flat, wide open fields in a matter of miles. An hour later, those fields were only a memory again. There is so much more diversity here than the interstate would have you believe.

This afternoon, I found that I had somehow gotten off course. Initially I was a little frustrated; this error put me on the wrong side of a major rail line, and I wasn’t quite sure how I would get where I needed to be. I made the choice in that moment to accept the situation for what it was, and trust that everything happens for a reason. While it added a little more distance, my new route took me down winding roads, over rolling hills, and crossed several creeks and rivers. I saw a wedding party gathering for a reception at a beautiful barn. I saw a donkey. I biked through land that reminded me of Kentucky, and it made my heart happy.

Its been an amazing trip so far. And now there’s only one more day…..

Day  5 – 104.0 Miles

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