#StupidIdeas in the Midland Daily News

A few years ago my good friend Peter Kroon introduced me to a website called CityStrides and the idea of running every street in Midland. While almost every runner has some sort of GPS activity tracker, what makes CityStrides different is the way it overlays all of your activities from that tracker allowing you to create a “lifemap” of any given area. For quite some time now Peter and I have both been checking off streets one by one, and I’m happy to say that last week Peter reached the goal of running 100% of Midland!

I’m currently at just over 95% of our streets completed myself, with plans to finish on a group run after the weather warms up a little this Spring. So….. how about you?!? If you’re going to go out running or walking anyway, why not give it a go yourself?!? It’s easy and free (though you can always donate to help out the developers as well!). Not ready to take on the entire City just yet? Why not start with your neighborhood? I’d almost guarantee there’s things you’ve never even noticed just around the corner.

You can read the full article on the Midland Daily News website for more details on our story if you’re interested.

Congratulations again to Peter, and Happy Running to all of you!

Photo by Katy Kildee / [email protected]

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