#RideSouth – Day 1

This day was filled with so much uncertainty. I’ve done enough of these things on foot to know about how far I can go in a day, in most any conditions. I know how much I’ll need to carry, and when I’ll need to resupply. But for this adventure I’m not on foot. And everything is different. How far should I try and go? I can carry more, but am I wasting energy hauling the extra weight? And then there’s the stress of all this extra gear…..

But today was absolutely perfect. I spent the day pedaling through small towns who’s names I’ve known for years, yet never actually been to. I saw beautiful farmland, historic farm houses, and even “The Big House” as I passed through Ann Arbor. Never having done this before I had a few end points in mind for the day; a conservative minimum, and a more ambitious stretch goal. I know not every day will go as well as today, but tonight, that stretch goal was achieved.

Day 1: 145.3 miles


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