Pictures from the #RideSouth

During my #RideSouth (as you know) I posted daily updates to this site as well as my Matt’s Stupid Ideas page. These updates included stories from the road and a single image taken during that day’s travels. I saw all sorts of things as I pedaled, but the pictures I posted were mostly of simple, ordinary places I passed by as I made my way south. I found very early in this journey that “ordinary” surroundings somehow looked different traveling this way. There was a beauty to the world that I feel we all to often overlook in our hurry to get from here to there. Of course I couldn’t photograph everything, and often the picture I took couldn’t come anywhere near really capturing what I saw. Nonetheless, I wanted to share of few of those pictures here as well.

I hope someday you have a chance to see the world in the same way ♥

Matt’s Stupid Ideas

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