2023 #RunToBayshore – Day 3

I was on the road leaving Cadillac by 5:30am this morning. With each passing vehicle the crisp 32° air cut through my single layer of clothing, and for the first time during this journey I was truly cold. I knew it wouldn’t last long however, and the forecast promised quickly rising temperatures as the morning broke.

I came around a hilly bend as the sun was still just below the trees to find a truck on the shoulder with the hazard lights on. I could see all the tires were in tact, but there was something on the ground in front of it. Once I got to it, I found that something was a bear. Unfortunately our furry friend made a poorly timed crossing just prior to my passing through. Thankfully everyone was unhurt, and the Sheriff’s Department arrived about the same time.

I carried on through another nearly picture perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, the bite of the morning air was soon replaced by conditions that had me more concerned about sunscreen than gloves. 50 miles later I reached Traverse City, meeting up with Heather, Corbin, and everyone else already at the campground.

Now, there’s only 26.2 miles left to run….. ❤️


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