Welcome to Cadillac!

Hello from Cadillac! A place where (currently)….. IT’S NOT RAINING!!! Unfortunately, it was well after noon today before the rain actually stopped and things dried up. Running wet for 36 hours has taken its toll on me; I’ve multiple places on my feet where the skin has peeled off. Some creative taping got me back on the road today, it will take more tomorrow.

I am happy to say that some good did come from the day – I found a wallet on the side of the road. Inside were a driver’s license, several credit cards, as well as numerous other papers and cards (I didn’t go through them). I picked it up and carried it several miles to a gas station where an MSP Trooper came to retrieve it. As it turns out, the gentleman lost it back in February….. in Grand Rapids. How it got here remains a mystery. Either way, it’s now on its way back to its rightful owner.

On to day 3….. 😊


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