A Fork in the Road

When I set out on these longer training runs I seldom have a plan. I simply take of in some general direction, and when I come to a fork in the road well…..

Not long after passing this particular fork I turned to run through a familiar neighborhood I hadn’t had the chance to visit in some time; past the first home Heather and I owned. As I made my way down our former street, I noticed 3 Seniors sitting out on the front porch across from our old house enjoying the warm Spring air. As I approached, the two younger women (both in their early 70’s) did their best to point out my passing to the much older gentleman sitting with them. I slowed to a walk, and came up the drive.

We exchanged greetings, and to their surprise, I acknowledged him by name. Many years ago now, I used to sit with him on this same porch and listen to stories of his time in the Service, his travels to foreign lands to fight, and his trips to reunite with those who shared those experiences with him. Over the few years we lived there, I heard many of those stories much more than once, but still I listened each time. It made me happy to see how much he enjoyed sharing them with me. And I enjoyed hearing them.

It’s been quite a few years now since we last sat on that porch together. Time has taken its toll. Words and movement no longer come easily for him. I know he doesn’t remember me now, and that’s ok. I remember those times well.

Today’s run may have been a relatively short 14 miles around town, but it was a beautiful reminder of why I do these things. The people I cross paths with, the conversations, the experiences I would have otherwise never had. Warm weather is back again, and I’m excited for all I have planned.

When you come to a fork in the road….. take it.


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