2023 #RunToBayshore – Day 1

Day 1 has come to an end in Clare this year, a decision I struggled with quite a bit. Those of you who followed my journey last year might remember a Day 1 filled with rain, and ending with a night spent in a Little League dugout 5 miles further up the road in Farwell. Quite the contrast, thick clouds this morning quickly broke yielding to clear skies and warm sunshine. A nearly perfect afternoon followed with temperatures in the mid 60’s.
The problem is, those clear skies are also bringing with them a forecast overnight low very close to the freezing mark. Without the ability to carry much with me, I worried how well I could keep myself warm. I decided for the first time to make an unprecedented departure from my normal plan, and check in to a room here.

As I said before, this decision didn’t come easy. I worried I was taking the easy way out, worried what people might think. I do these things because they’re difficult after all; am I letting myself down by avoiding a situation I know will be uncomfortable? In the end, I ended up here. Warm, inside, with a shower and a bed. A far cry from last year, but I believe it’s the right choice for this year.

Last year I ran through cold rain and slept in a dugout. This year so far I’ve had beautiful weather, run into old friends, met new ones, and learned that Groundhogs can climb trees. Above all, I’m thankful for the ability to experience all of it.


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