The #Kranza170 (ish.)

On the second weekend of May, my friend Mr. Roy Kranz puts together an epic cycling event. A self supported gravel ride covering 170 beautiful miles through rural Clare and Osceola counties in central Michigan. Every year I immediately sign up, knowing that I’m not trained for it, and I’ll be almost immediately dropped by the incredible cyclists there. This year was no exception. However, every year I am also welcomed by that group. They offer encouragement and support, knowledge and friendship. They, combined with the amazing scenery, make this a can’t miss event. This year I managed to cover 130 miles of bumpy gravel road, damp loose sand, and ankle deep mud. And I loved every single second of it.

I had two main goals for the ride this year; to test out some new equipment for an upcoming #StupidIdea (more on that to come…..), and to have fun doing it. Both of those goals were absolutely met. I finished 130 miles feeling fantastic, and having no doubts that I could have gone much farther. So why not finish the whole thing? Well, the second weekend in May is also Mother’s Day Weekend, and while I definitely had the legs to finish, coming home a few hours early meant I also had more time to spend with the family. After all, so many of my #StupidIdeas just wouldn’t be possible without Heather‘s support ❤

Thanks to Steve Orsini for sharing so many miles with me, and congratulations on sticking it out until 1am to finish the entire 170! Thank you as well to all who make this event what it is. I’ll see you again next year!

The 2021 #Kranza170
12:19:08 // 10.6 mph/avg (130.02 miles)

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