24 Hour #BlockParty – The Finish

I set a goal for myself of running 120 miles at the 24Hour #BlockParty this weekend. I came up just a little short of that number. However, I also had another goal, much more important to me; that everyone there have an incredible adventure together. That goal was accomplished many times over.

Every single person at this event faced challenges and hardships of some sort. From chafing to muscle and tendon issues, and even simple lack of experience from having never attempted something even close to this distance. Each of them suffered in their own way. Yet none of them allowed any of these issues to break their spirit or have them even considering abandoning their goals.

Sharon followed her plan and had two fantastic training runs for her upcoming race.
Tyler suffered through unbelievable chafing.
Both Steve & Tom‘s paces were slowed to a crawl at times due to stiffness, yet they continued.
Lindsay and Talai, each of whom having NEVER run farther than a Marathon, were able to run in excess of 80 and 100 miles respectively.

No, I wasn’t able to run 120 miles in 24 hours. But we had an experience together that we’ll remember forever. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.

24 Hour #BlockParty – 105.2 miles

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