2021 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day Four

Today started much like yesterday; temperatures in the upper 30’s, but with overcast skies and a steady 15-20 mph headwind from the north. Like so many things in life that are out of our control, if we stay positive and keep moving forward, eventually the situation will improve. And by late morning the sun had broken through the clouds, the wind calmed, and it turned into a beautiful afternoon.

The section I ran today (Alpena to Rogers City) is quite possibly my favorite of the course. It has all the best parts of “Up North” Michigan. Thousands of acres of state land, beautiful views of Lake Huron, and small winding roads through inland lakefront communities. $600,000 mansions on the water next to 600 sq/ft cottages built by Great Grandfather back in the ’40s. All surrounded by thick forests of cedar.

The hardest section of the course remains from here. While there’s only about 60 miles to the finish, a stretch of over half of that distance has no available aid. It’s a long way to go, and you’re all on your own. As hard as all this is, I have mixed feelings about it ending. I’m tired, and everything hurts. I’m ready to be done. But out here, life is simple. There’s only food and drink, the course you follow, and to keep moving forward. The troubles of the “real world” are far away. But at the Bridge also waits my family, and I can’t think of a better reason to get there.

Day 4: 47.5 Miles


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