2021 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day Three

Today was hard. I ran longer and farther than either of the first two days. The temperature dropped to 39F overnight, then struggled to reach 50F this afternoon. The unsupported nature of this event means that the only clothes I have are the ones I started with. I planned for the change in weather, but there’s no way I could have carried everything the first two days that would have made a 45F temperature drop comfortable. I spent most of the night (and a good part of the day) freezing.

Today was hard. But it was also amazing. I ran for 17 and a half hours, finishing where I wanted to be, and ahead of schedule. I saw so much beautiful scenery. Staff in two different local businesses remembered me from last year’s event, and we enjoyed going over how the race played out farther down the course. I even found a place where they have real life dinosaurs. I bet it’s just like Jurassic Park in there…..

Today was hard. But just like at sunrise, I wouldn’t have changed a thing 😊

Day 3: 66.5 Miles


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  1. Jurassic Park, eh? Did you happen to see the type of fencing they used? I hear they have the same type here in the city to try and keep ‘ole Roberta the Sheltie caged 🙂
    You’re doin great, friend. Keep it up! Can’t wait to hear all of the fun stories.

    1. I didn’t have a chance to check out the fencing too closely Tracey – I had to keep moving to get to Alpena before the end of the day. I sure hope it was strong though, did you see the size of that Brontosaurus behind me?!? 🤣
      Thank You!! ❤

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