Seven Zero Three

Many years ago now, when I first started running, I was very excited to be able to put that first “5K” oval sticker on my bumper. A lot of work went into earning that little piece of vinyl. I decided then that I would only have one of these stickers on my vehicle at a time, reflecting the longest distance I had done to that point (my #VolState sticker became an exception to that rule, only because of the life changing experience that particular event was for me 😉). Over time, the original “5K” sticker was replaced with a “10K”, it (eventually) with a “26.2”, a “50”, and so on. Nowadays it doesn’t happen very often anymore.

But this week however, I got to put a new sticker on my Jeep.

Official Finish Time: 111:13:25
3rd Place Overall

Thank you to USA UltraTri for another incredible event. I am honored to be a part of this Ultra Family.

And an even bigger thank you to Todd Beebe and Tim Strong for all they did to keep me going for nearly five days on the course. Without their help, none of this would have been possible. You guys were amazing ❤

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