The 2023 (Unofficial) Lighthouse 100

Seven years ago my Daddy and I packed up and headed north for the weekend to run a brand new race called the Lighthouse 100. It promised a beautiful course, amazing views, and an unforgettable experience. It definitely did not disappoint. Since that first race, I’ve returned each June for the 100 mile run every year it’s been held. Over all those miles I’ve made some incredible memories, as well as some equally invaluable friendships. One of those special friendships is this man, Sean Cumming. We met on the course that first year, and I’m happy to say he’s been part quite a few #StupidIdeas with me since.

Earlier this year an announcement was made that, due to a number of circumstances, the race would not be held this year. (They’re not all negative however – Congratulations Ethan & Devin!! ❤). But this race has become such an important summer tradition, I simply can’t let it go that easily…..

This weekend, Sean and I will run our own Lighthouse 100. There won’t be a fancy Start or Finish line, no aid stations, no fanfare. But we’ll follow the official course, and celebrate all the good (and terrible 藍) times we’ve had on that route. Of course, we’ll need the help of crew in this endeavor, and this weekend we’ll be blessed with two of the best. Todd Beebe & Brandon Kern, both of whom have expertly crewed me here in the past, have promised to do all they can to help make this project a success. With their experience, I have complete faith it will be.

The 2023 (Unofficial) #Lighthouse100 begins Saturday morning ❤️

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  1. 6/24 @7:39am
    We just saw you at the light house park and wondered about the lighthouse 100 on the pickup windows! Hope you have an amazing race!

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