24Hr Halloween #BlockParty – The Finish

What on earth would make a person want to run around the same small neighborhood block for twenty four consecutive hours?!?

It’s Heather tending the campfire while taking orders for Hot Dogs, Quesadillas, Grilled Cheese and more until 1am, then being back out there at 5:30am to start breakfast.

It’s a neighborhood where, at some point throughout the event, almost every single residence offered food, water, and friendly encouragement to runners – most of whom they’ve never met before.

It’s watching my 14yo son Corbin set an incredible goal for himself of running 100K, then seeing nearly every one of his MHS Cross Country teammates come out to help him achieve – and then surpass – it.

And most of all, it’s sharing the whole thing with a group of people who are more like family than friends. People who realize the real race is against no one but yourself, and never hesitate lie to your face about how bad you actually look; to build you up, all the while feeling just as miserable as you are in that moment. These are my people.

The 2023 24Hr Halloween #BlockParty has come to an end, and I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt….. it was an absolute success. ❤️

85.13 Miles

#BlockParty 🎃

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