2024 Groundhog Marathon

12 years ago I sat with my friends after a group run and came up with the perfect pacing plan. I knew exactly how fast I was going to start, when I would have nutrition, and a solid goal of when I would finish. Only a few days later, we made our way to Grand Rapids where I very quickly threw that plan right out the window. There was already several inches of snow on the ground, and quite a bit more forecast overnight. This was going to be an adventure…..

I learned several very important lessons that year. One of which is that, at the Groundhog Marathon, you have to be ready for just about anything as far as the course goes. Second, and even more important, going into an event with no goal beyond sheer enjoyment of the experience is one of the most rewarding goals you can set.

I am privileged to be able to say that I have now run – and finished – the Full Marathon each and every one of the 12 years it’s been run, and my goal each time has been just that. To get outside, see some familiar faces again, meet some new ones, and spend a few hours running in often ridiculous conditions with 500 of my closest friends. This year, water over the course forced a change from the normal 6 loop route, to 12 laps of a much shorter loop. Yet every runner out there embraced the change, saw only the positives, and made it one of the best years yet.

Thanks once again to Don Kern, TJ, Eric, and everyone else who works so hard to make that event what it is. See you next year….. ❤

12th Annual Groundhog Marathon
Official Time: 3:52:10
31st Place Overall

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