The Lighthouse 100 Mile

Five years ago I heard about a brand new race called the Lighthouse 100 Mile Run. With a point-to-point course covering 100 miles of northern Michigan roads between Mission Point and Petoskey, it promised to be one of the most beautiful road ultras in the country. I was lucky enough to not only be able to run the race that year, but also to share the experience with my Dad as he crewed me to a successful finish. We’ve been back each and every year it’s been run since.

Unfortunately, all the restrictions in place meant that last year was not one of those years. This year however, the race is back and so are we! Paaaaa and I, along with our good friend Mr. Todd Beebe, will be heading north this weekend for the 4th (nearly) annual running of the Lighthouse 100 Mile Run. These two will be doing whatever they can to help get me across the finish line once again, and Paaaaa has even promised to try and post a few updates to my #StupidIdeas page along the way.


With only two weeks having passed since the #TridgeToBridge240, I know this won’t be my fastest 100 mile run by any means. But, like with so many things in life, we can’t always wait until we’re ready. Plan for the future, but embrace the right now. Because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Get out there and go for it!

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