2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – The Lighthouse Restaurant

It’s been an absolutely beautiful day on the #TridgeToBridge240 course. The weatherman had been predicting spotty thunderstorms for the afternoon, and while the sky turned overcast for a bit, a light sprinkle was all that materialized. Eventually the clouds broke again, although the break from the hot July sun had been nice.

I’m now in Rogers City, enjoying all the food I can manage to put in. From here the road gets much tougher, both geographically and logistically. The next 40 miles will bring rolling hills that seem to go on and on. But more importantly, the beautiful scenery is all this section has to offer. No stores, no gas stations, no place to buy what you need. Only trees, an occasional view of the lake, and perhaps the surprise of an unexpected cooler left by a Road Angel.

I’ve loaded my pack with all I believe I can carry. I also found a good deal on a box of granola bars from the Save-A-Lot (even though I really only need about 3). The entire box was less than one bar at most gas stations. By the look on her face, I’m assuming I’m the only one today who’s come in to both order food, and give away what they came in with.

I’m starting this section earlier than I ever have before, but it’s still going to be a very long night….. ❤️


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