2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day 2

I was far from ready when my alarm went off at 3am this morning. Just a couple more hours sounded so much better, but I had a goal of being on the road again by 4. I quickly went through the morning routines, gathered my belongings, and set off once again. A little slower than I was moving yesterday, I still felt really good about my progress. I knew a few others had also stayed in Standish for the night, but some had elected to push for destinations further on. When the time of the morning’s check in finally arrived, there were some pretty big numbers on the board.

This incredible lady is Tammy. Each year, she and her husband Sam open their home to the #TridgeToBridge240 runners as they pass through the Tawas area. Stocked with food and a comfortable place to lay down, it’s a beautiful oasis on the lonely road. Right now I would love nothing more than to sit and talk with her for even just a few more minutes, but I have a lot of ground to make up. And these miles won’t run themselves…..


Day 2
34.34 miles
8:22:08 / 14:38 pace


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