2023 #TridgeToBridge240 – Day2B/3

Laying in a hotel room this afternoon, I’m struggling to put meaningful words together. I love to share these stories from the road with you all, but tonight I’m exhausted. Running all through the night, much of it in the rain, I met my goal of making Alpena by noon. I’ve covered 105.3 miles in the last 36 hours, however I’ve also only slept a total of 90 minutes in that time – some of that laying on an asphalt parking lot. There’s so much more I’d like to say, but I’ve fallen asleep 3 times trying to get down what little I’ve written here.

Every day of a journey like this is filled with incredible experiences. Just after the sun rose this morning, this black bear appeared out of nowhere, crossed the road right in front of me, then disappeared just as quickly into the thick brush.

As full as the last days have been, there’s still so far to go. I need rest. And tonight that comes at the expense of a better post. I hope you understand, I really do appreciate each of you who read them.


Day 2B/3
71.0 miles
20:24:42 / 17:15 pace


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